Treasure Hunt: Patrick Brown

Geeky Australian illustration that moves you.

Local Australian illustrator Patrick Brown has a talent for seemingly effortlessly capturing action, movement and impact in a single still frame.Starting off his work in the realm of fan art, Brown’s phenomenal talents have seen him rise through the ranks to become an artist for Marvel, (project unannounced!) as well as having his work featured by the likes of Naughty Dog, CD Projekt Red and more.



On top of his dynamic action pieces, we’re adding Patrick’s work to our treasure trove for his masterful use of colour and characterisation. His roots in fan art do him a great service in his knowledge of and love for the characters he portrays.



Larger-than-life comic book characters come alive in these illustrations through a careful control of posing, expression and composition. An office favourite is his “Stan’s Bar” Marvel villains piece (see below) filled to the brim with easter eggs and hilarious character interactions.




See more of Patrick’s work here:
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