PWLife: Welcome to Earth

The first of many sources that inspire us

Welcome to the Plastic Wax blog! Here I’ll be sharing the many facets of life at Plastic – the people, the projects, our day-to-day life and what inspires us to bring ideas to life.


For our first entry, what better than the entire planet? This week NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly arrived back on Earth after a year in space. Aside from literally changing the course of human history and opening the doors that could see humanity live on Mars, (no big deal) Kelly sent home some pretty stunning imagery from his time in space.

Take a look at some of Scott Kelly’s Earth Art that has inspired us around the office.

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We’ve loved watching the #YearInSpace, from vivid, glittering auroras to hurricanes swirling over the ocean – thanks for the imagery, Scott, and welcome back to the planet!

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Ally McLean | Producer