Treasure Hunt: Dallas Clayton

Feel Good Friday from the Plastic Wax studio.


Happy Friday! We thought today would be the perfect day for a dose of inspiration from our treasure trove. Introducing Dallas Clayton – children’s author, artist and maybe the first human being to actually be composed of pure sunshine.
We’re inspired by Dallas for his unending sense of childlike wonder at the world. If you’re ever feeling down, we’d strongly suggest his instagram account for a reminder that butterflies exist, monsters can be adorable and just how long it’s been since you saw a set of crayons.


It doesn’t end at a heartwarming sketchpad – Clayton frequently takes his art outside the studio and into the real world, making it a little bit brighter every time. From his fully suited rainbow mascot The Encourager to painting an entire house from floor to ceiling, to creating murals with schoolkids about changing the world, his work is hard to define and we’re not sure we’d ever want to anyway.


We hope you’re as inspired as we are for your weekend!

See more of Dallas Clayton’s work.

Ally McLean | Producer