Injustice 2 Reactions

Last week our latest project, the Injustice 2 Story Trailer “The Lines are Redrawn”, was released and has since been viewed in the tens of millions. It was a pleasure as always to work with our friends at Battery and Warner Bros to tell the compelling story of the Injustice universe.

When working with such prolific characters with decades of history there are fan expectations we take seriously – because we are fans.

The response so far has been phenomenal. We’re floored by the influx of comments and reactions. It’s a rare privilege to witness the direct impact of our work on the audience, and everyone on the team is thankful for it.

To show our appreciation, we took our favourite moments from the many reaction videos online and created a compilation of our own.

On behalf of the team at Plastic Wax, we’d like to thank Gattor Martin, Magic Man, Ecomog Media Group, JaeRoar, unCAGEDgamez, Akasan, AlectricBritSmash, Dudes of Cinema, Ankuzaki, History Behind the Warrior, Two Bardsand Jody’s Corner for their videos, which you can view in full by following the link in their names.


Thank you,


Dane Maddams,

Executive Vice President