Gears of War


The release of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition gave Plastic Wax the chance to enter this unique world, recreating the infamous “Emergence Day” where the Locust attacked and laid waste to the world of Sera.  Our mission in this case was to take the art, assets, characters and world to the next generation of visual fidelity as we built from scratch the most iconic scene from the original Gears franchise.

On Hallowed Ground

Every gamer knows Gears of War, and every gamer remembers the cinematics which set the benchmark for storytelling in gaming at the time. We knew this as we began work on this epic trailer for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. We began by carefully boarding each sequence, deciding where we would stay true to the original and when we would break away, aiming to amp up the action and VFX to bring the cinematic to the next level.


Brumaks, Corpsers, Locust! We jumped for joy, given the task of creating photoreal versions of bad guys we’d only ever seen in games.  Along with the creation and development of the assets we got to play with Marcus as he took names recreating the moment when he took to an enemy with his Lancer Assault Rifle (with it’s chainsaw attachment of course).

Hammer of Dawn?!

Yes. The Hammer of Dawn. What would it look like if executed today (almost 10 years after release of the original)?  Well that’s the question we got to answer when we got to blow the living hell out of everything in this monumental shot.