Homefront says thank you...

Plastic Wax, in collaboration with Deep Silver and ONE K, developed this highly-anticipated trailer for Homefront: The Revolution. The world of Homefront 2, sees North America taken over and occupied by North Korean forces. In this trailer it was the task of Plastic Wax in collaboration with our clients to bring this dystopian vision to life. While we watch a young boy giving what seems to be a speech praising our leaders, the irony of this becomes apparent as things unfold and we see an underground movement fueled by the violence of occupying forces rise up and challenge the established order.

We often use a variety of techniques for the storyboarding process. This includes setting up live action shots which are drawn over to add more detail, or drawing scenes from scratch, leveraging the talents of our dedicated storyboarding team. From here, we’ll start editing in Previz where we begin to layout our ideas in 3D.

Shot Planning

Moving on from storyboards, we'll jump into previz, where each scene is laid out with basic animation so we can start to get an idea of how everything will come together in 3D space. We begin crafting cameras and action with then informs our motion capture process.


Not to forget the small things, our team go to the utmost lengths to create realistic cloth and hair, ensuring not only that our models incorporate all the important photoreal details, but our simulations are refined and realistic.