What do you fight for?

We collaborated with Turbine Games and Warner Bros. to produce this pre-rendered CG trailer for their entry into the MOBA market.  Infinite Crisis brings together not only the greatest DC heroes and villains but also their counterparts across dimensions and asks the question “What do you fight for?


While Superman, Wonderwoman and Doomsday duke it out in the street, The Flash and Green Lantern make their way in for a combo take-down just as we’d see in game.  Compared to the final sequence in the trailer this scene was executed extremely close to the boards, a testament to the time and energy put in during pre-production.


In our state of the art mocap studio we're able to capture body and facial performance simultaneously. Whether it's action, comedy, kung fu or drama we hand pick our talent to bring exactly what each project needs. Combined with real-time virtual cameras our directors work on set with the talent to build the sequence shot for shot before it gets handed over for animation.


In house we have a 32 camera DSLR scanning array which was used on this project to create our superhero bodies.  Bringing real models and body builders into the studio for the scans, we used this data as the basis for our ‘buff’ heroes ensuring that all muscle deformation and movement is as realistic as possible.


Assets, Animation, Lighting and VFX all come together with our compositing team.  In this behind the scenes video you’ll get a glimpse into what it takes to build a shot right through to the final result.