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Plastic Wax’s Editorial team is an accomplished group of storytellers and problem solvers. We are the highway that all projects and departments glide on, together. 


We are connected to every aspect of a production, from the moment we begin construction at the start of a concept, until we deliver the sleek result at the finish line. And we always deliver.


We work with our director and production department to smoothly guide all projects, from creation, through the initial scripting and storyboarding process, into animatics, layout, motion capture, animation, lighting, effects, composition and grade. 


On the course of this journey beside our clients, we oversee and influence the delicate timing, balance and pacing for all visuals, music and effects. This process is always based on frequent consultation and feedback.


We are adaptable to client specifications for elements like frame rates, resolutions, formats and workflows. We are also extremely versatile in our ability to incorporate direct client input; such as supplied project files, audio mastering and motion capture. We have an extensive software library at our disposal to engage with any desired workflow or result.



Editorial Consultation / Video Editing 

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