Nathan Maddams


Nathan Maddams is peerless within the CG industry.  For 20 years his leadership and creative vision have been the heart of Plastic Wax.  It is this unique eye that elevates each and every project he touches to create some of the best work in the business.

At a time when digital animation and visual effects were relatively new fields Nathan became fascinated by what could be achieved, training himself in each CGI discipline and pioneering the development of technology that is now commonplace.  Both this vision and creative drive have guided Plastic Wax to its position as a leader in the industry.

Nathan set the bar for what a cinematic trailer could achieve with his work on IP’s such as Dawn of War 2, Hitman, Bioshock and Tomb Raider.

Since founding Plastic Wax in 1997, Nathan remains as the studio’s Creative Director, overseeing all projects to ensure the brand’s international reputation for quality is always met. For Nathan, quality is the detail and not much escapes his critical eye.   It’s a guiding principle that has won him recognition even more recently for his work on acclaimed franchises such as Injustice, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Civilization.

Nathan has directed more than 80 cinematics, commercials and game trailers, which affords him a rich knowledge of the brands he represents in an ever changing marketplace.  Determined always to value add every project, Nathan’s creative vision is to look beyond the brief and direct purpose with every image, and affected intent with every nuance in character animation.

On the tech side, in 2003 when full performance capture was unheard of, Nathan was developing capture rigs and animation tools which now form the base of Plastic Wax’s technical expertise.

And while 3D scanning for the creation of digital assets is now the norm Nathan was already fine-tuning these systems years ago as part of his constant push to create new tools for the elevation of his artform.

Even more recently he’s lead Plastic Wax to develop it’s own real-time virtual previz system that leverages game engines to provide fully lit and rendered visual feedback on the mocap stage floor, a tool which is now creatively indispensable for the rapid turnaround of camera layout and animation.


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